Jack and Sue4Video Coffee Break

In addition to recruiting, Sue has written and produced several short comedy interview videos. After spending years working to prep both candidates and hiring managers for the interview process, Sue is well acquainted with the downside including unprepared candidates, self-important and often overbearing HR managers and clueless hiring managers.  Sue wrote and co-produced several short videos lampooning some of the wilder aspects of these imaginary interviews gone bad. Below are a selected few presented for your enjoyment.

Speed Layoffs:

Speed dating can be stressful, but it’s a cakewalk compared to speed layoffs.

Heartbreak Interview:

Candace, the HR Director, learns that her boyfriend is leaving her… smack in the middle of her interview.

Jensen Brothers Interview:

Sibling rivalry is nothing new but watch how it sabotages this job interview.

The Interview Pest:

Tired of imperious interviewers who hold all the power? Just for fun, watch a job interview where the human resources director goes crazy when the “bug guy” interrupts and spoils the interview.

Helicopter Mom:

Watch the “Mom from Hell” sabotage her son’s job interview.

Win That Job:

In a recession, some companies really make their job applicants jump through hoops. Game show anyone?

Pool Interview:

Even at poolside, Candace, the HR Director, takes her job a bit too seriously.