Who We Are:

We’re experienced recruiters and researchers who have teamed together since 2001. We’ve combined the latest proven search technologies with old school recruiting that delivers top talent to your company.


Our Biggest Strength:

We solve your biggest recruiting problem:

“The people you’re looking for are not looking for you.”

We deliver pre-qualified and pre-sold candidates that you can’t find on your own.

Our biggest strength is that we know how to find and develop UNTAPPED candidates for your assignments.

You won’t find these people on web-based job boards and you won’t find them through your company advertising.


How We’re Different:

Most recruiters throw paper – often useless resumes of candidates who are unqualified for your opportunity. It’s a huge waste of your time.

We won’t waste your time sending dozens of resumes. After we’ve researched, recruited and prequalified, we will send you 2 to 4 resumes of the best qualified, pre-sold candidates with a brief synopsis of each.


What We Do:

We will provide you with higher quality, more motivated candidates than you can access from your own website applicants or from most internet job board today.

We employ a 5-step candidate qualification and pre-sell process:

1. We target the companies from which to research potential candidates for your opportunity.

2. We locate and develop lists of the most appropriate prospects to call.

3. We call them at work and develop a conversation.

4. We pre-qualify those who appear most appropriate.

5. Lastly, we pre-sell the candidate on the the biggest selling points of your company and opportunity.

When we finally present these qualified few to you, they have been extensively vetted with one, often two lengthy phone calls with the candidate.


What We Can Do for You:

Quite simply, we develop PASSIVE candidates for your urgent hiring needs when you MUST have exceptional talent for your openings.